Clouds over Sidra

Virtual Reality for SDGs

Clouds over Sidra
Clouds over Sidra

The WSIS Forum is constantly evolving and strengthening the alignment between the WSIS Action Lines and the Sustainable Development Goals. Announcement: “Pursuing a first partnership in 2016, WSIS and World VR Forum join forces to be at the forefront of Virtual Reality for advancing development. A shiny new Virtual Reality Track will be held at the WSIS Forum 2017 bringing together high-level personalities, world class VR experience and a very special focus on education.”

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UN’s CSocD55

Board members Marlyn Tadros and Melissa Dailey have attended  the 55th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD55), 1-10 February 2017“. The conference’s topic was “Strategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”.  Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world were invited to attend the CSocD55.

NGO committee for social development
Civil society network

Civil Society Declaration.

Concluding its fifty-fifth session on 10 February 2017, the Commission for Social Development approved without a vote three draft resolutions for adoption by the Economic and Social Council that addressed issues of African development, youth and the rights of persons with disabilities.

Among the three texts approved today was one on the social dimensions of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (document E/CN.5/2017/L.5), which would have the Council welcome progress by African Governments to implement the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, notably by deepening democracy, human rights, good governance and sound economic management.



UN’s CSW61

Virtual Activism board members attended the Women’s Commission at the UN on March 21st 2017.

  • Priority theme:
    Women’s economic empowerment in the changing world of work
  • Review theme:
    Challenges and achievements in the implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls (agreed conclusions of the fifty-eighth session)
  • Emerging issue/Focus area:
    The empowerment of indigenous women

Draft agreed conclusions.

Regional Countries and Offices.


  • Session on South Sudan
Turkey/Syria border - 2013

Syria Workshop

The Syria workshop took place in Hataya, Turkey on the border with Syria. Virtual Activism was asked to organize the workshop by an NGO on Security online. Participants were refugees from Syria and primarily from Aleppo, and it took place in December 2013.

Beirut – Lebanon Workshops


The workshops in Beirut, Lebanon took place at Notre Dame University-Louaize. The first was a workshop entitled “Social Media & NGOs”, organized by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) and Virtual Activism – USA. The workshop was attended by many nongovernmental organizations, such as LADE, Blue Mission Organization, ALEF, Lebanon Development Union, Safadi Foundation, Lebanese Civic Media Initiative, Naji Cherfan Foundation, Arab Thought Foundation, INJAZ LEBANON, SESOBEL, Amel Association, Lebanese Scout Association, AMIDEAST/ Lebanon, Rafic Hariri Foundation, Community Association for Student Support, AFDC, Aie-serve, Roteract, Center for Development, and Democracy & Governance. Dr. Tadros started the workshop by introducing herself and knowing the participants.

Dr. Tadros commenced by showing the participants some tools used in strategizing any project, for example Mindomo, for brain-storming and for organizing ideas before going into any project. Another one called Ether Pad is a public pad shared by a specific group in order to discuss and edit some document online. Dr. Tadros continued by showing the group how to create blogs, which means creating an online presence for the NGO’s. For example, there is Twitter, which is called Micro blogging since it lets the member use 140 characters to update the information. An additional tool that is used is the Ning Social Network; this tool lets the organization create an appearance similar to a website that will share with other organizations. In this Social Network, the organization will include Events, Photos, Videos, articles and even Embed Books. Dr. Tadros emphasized the subject of Privacy and Security online, and demonstrated how the organization should keep its privacy. Dr. Tadros closed the session with Mr. Amin Nehme by distributing certificates to participants.