Friday, February 23, 2024

Ethics and Emerging Technologies

AI robot

It is the race to be first that will kill us

When I first spoke of AI 6 years ago, everyone said ‘sentient’ is way in the future. Apparently not, and especially not after ChatGPT4. It is becoming more serious and, so far, more disturbing. I am neither an alarmist nor a luddite. However, there are some disturbing issues about it. While doing some more research, […]

AI and robotics

Virtual Activism’s tech trends affecting human rights, 2023

It’s difficult to say for certain what the latest tech trends for 2023 will be as the future is always subject to change, however some general tech trends that are likely to continue gaining momentum in the coming years include: How these technologies will impact human rights: There are several technology trends that have the […]

Climate Change

climate change

Undermining climate change

Climate change is being undermined through various means, primarily driven by a combination of ignorance, vested interests, and short-term thinking. These undermining efforts hinder progress in addressing climate change and exacerbate its impacts. Who is undermining climate change and why? When discussing the undermining of climate change, it is important to note that it involves […]

climate change

Climate Change and Sustainability: Preserving Our Planet’s Future

Climate change and sustainability have become pressing global concerns, urging humanity to take immediate action. The Earth’s climate is undergoing significant transformations, primarily due to human activities. This essay explores the interconnectedness of climate change and sustainability, highlighting the urgent need for collective efforts to mitigate the adverse effects and ensure a sustainable future for […]