Monday, June 24, 2019

Emerging Technologies


Artificial intelligence: the key take-aways

The following are the key take-aways from the AI for Good Summit that took place in May, 2019.  In his keynote address, Siemens’ Snabe said that “ever since it began, technology was always based on promises.” He continued that we recognize that data and AI are fundamental tools in solving the grand challenges facing humanity. […]

Tim Berners-Lee and Solid

Tim Berners-Lee working on Solid

Solid is a web decentralization project led by Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, developed collaboratively at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is an alternative to the world wide web as we know it now. Solid has three objectives: True data ownership Modular Design Reusing existing data What is the issue […]



Cyprus workshop: Advocacy & Communications for Positive Change & Prevention of SGBV

Virtual Activism’s Executive Director co-trained a workshop with IREX [the International Research and Exchange Board]. IREX is a global development and education organization that often provides training and funding to NGOs, globally. Also co-trainer was leading women’s rights advocate and expert from Iran, Sussan Tahmasebi. IREX also provided English-Arabic translation. The workshop was held in […]

Egypt workshops

Virtual Activism organized a series of pioneering workshops for capacity building and training of  nongovernmental organizations on the uses of IT in human rights and development. Our first Egypt workshops were in 2004. We organized a series of workshops over a period of ten years in which we trained NGOs on privacy and security issues, blogging, […]

Syria Workshops

The Syria workshop took place in Antakya [Hataya], Turkey on the border with Syria. Virtual Activism was invited by ICAN Peace organization and activist Sussan Tahmasebi, to organize the workshop on privacy and security online.  Participants were all women refugees from Syria, primarily from Aleppo, and it took place in December 2013. At the end […]

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The Brave Fighter

Rana Hadi

Rana Hadi

The Iraq war generation
This is Rana Hadi's story in her own words, in the aftermath of the Iraq war. It shows determination, strength and the will to not only survive, but also to thrive. Rana honored us with participating in our workshops in Erbil.Read more...