Beirut – Lebanon Workshops


The workshops in Beirut, Lebanon took place at Notre Dame University-Louaize. The first in the series of 4, was a workshop entitled “Social Media & NGOs”, organized by the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) and Virtual Activism – USA.

The workshops were attended by many nongovernmental organizations, such as LADE, Blue Mission Organization, ALEF, Lebanon Development Union, Safadi Foundation, Lebanese Civic Media Initiative, Naji Cherfan Foundation, Arab Thought Foundation, INJAZ LEBANON, SESOBEL, Amel Association, Lebanese Scout Association, AMIDEAST/ Lebanon, Rafic Hariri Foundation, Community Association for Student Support, AFDC, Aie-serve, Roteract, Center for Development, and Democracy & Governance.

  • Participants in the workshop

Participants’ comments