artificial intelligence

Me, snooping?

Humans help train artificial intelligence, so someone may be listening to what you tell Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa. Here’s what to do if you have a problem with that. This article entitled Hi, Alexa. How Do I Stop You From Listening In On Me? by Brian X. Chen, makes suggestions on how to stop […]

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Internet blackout in Ethiopia

Netblocks, a nonprofit organization that monitors the internet in real time, is reporting an Internet cut across Ethiopia today, Saturday June 22nd, 2019, amid reports of coup attempt targeting Amhara regional state government. Nationwide connectivity currently now at 10% with capital and most states offline. The incident is ongoing. Netblocks says that it is as […]

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Cyberwars rear their ugly heads

In case you haven’t heard, last week, the New York Times reported that the US had attacked the Russian power grid as a ‘warning’. This week, Russia issued a counter warning of cyberwar. The New York Times had reported that the US Cyber Command, the arm of the Pentagon that runs the military’s offensive and […]

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YouTube blocks historical archives of World War II

The Guardian is reporting that YouTube, in its attempt to crack down on hate speech, is deleting videos of Nazi history, much to the consternation of teachers who use it as a resource. YouTube has launched a new policy this week, in which it announced: ” … we’re taking another step in our hate speech policy by […]

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