What is the problem with VR? an alternate view

From presentation and paper M. Tadros gave at WSIS 2018 There is no doubt as to the benefits of ICTs. They are reflected in areas such as governance, poverty alleviation, education, health, the environment and community development. Link to sustainable goals (WSIS, 2016) In WSIS 2016, a link was made between VR and the SDGs, […]

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VR for impact

VR: what is out there?

There are many VR companies that sprung up over the past few years dealing with VR. VR became a big deal when the ITU adopted it as part of the technology for good. Some initiatives are UN-based, and others are NGO initiatives to help the UN achieve those goals. For example, The very first one […]

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Google cardboard

Virtual Reality for SDGs

The WSIS Forum is constantly evolving and strengthening the alignment between the WSIS Action Lines and the Sustainable Development Goals. Announcement: “Pursuing a first partnership in 2016, WSIS and World VR Forum join forces to be at the forefront of Virtual Reality for advancing development. A shiny new Virtual Reality Track will be held at […]

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