step-by-step how to create an itunes podcast

Steve Gershik – Focus

  1. A Podcast is simply an RSS feed with a MP3 enclosure (you could make the file format anything — a WAV, an AAC, etc. but let’s stay simple). You first need to post your MP3 files as a link from a page that has an RSS feed.
  2. Create a Feedburner (now Google) account. You can go to to get started.
  3. Create a new feed. Feedburner is super smart. You create the feed, paste in the page URL of a page with your RSS on it, and it figures out the rest.

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– mapping human rights abuses in the ME

Update: everything is working now – images and all. Took a while though.

I finally was able to install ushahidi, a crowdsourcing mapping software. It is fatnastic and makes life easy creating geospatial mapping – however installation took quite a bit of effort because some files were missing and directions are not clear. I also succeeded in translating the interface into Arabic and managed to have Arabic language on it. A proud moment in my life for sure! šŸ™‚Ā  So.. while it is still in beta, some things don’t work – such as the images do not show up and some minor stuff, but for the most part, this is the first geospatial mapping of human rights abuses in the Arab Middle East after al Jazeera used it to record the War on Gaza.

Mapping human rights abuses in the Middle East