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Digital Culture in Transition: Open source culture and the cult of Hatsune Miku

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Alex Leavitt

Toyota commercial that partners with Cryptone and this character vocal series. The first is Hastune Miku and a few others. They upgraded and released new audio for them. Miku uses a voice actress. The vocaloid franchise series are proprietary software. The commercial videos boosted her popularity. The vocaloid software creates actual music rather than just a monotonous voice.

What does it mean to have open source culture, social media and cultural salience [how does something become so important or a celebrity]. Open source is hybrid economies – according to Lessing. Software that is being shared by people because there it is not proprietary. Read More …

are you the brand?

Be the Brand: Required professional involvement in social media. Presented by Raizel Liebler and Keidra Chaney from The Learned

Am I representing myself or the brand? It continues to be an issue for many people whether we represent ourselves in social media or our brand. What are the legal implications of this overlap?

There is a blurring of the line between the personal and the professional and will give examples.

American red cross: an individual posted ‘ryan found two more 4 bottle packs of dogfish head’s midas. The day after the Red Cross explained that it is an honest mistake bec it was tweeted 1000s of times. This was handled well bec Red Cross had a well-planned and comprehensive social media policy for employees. Read More …