privacy matters

The Free Software Foundation is currently engaging in several campaigns that we should all join.

There is the Privacy Pack from Reset the Internet

And finally there is the Tor Challenge from EFF



free software foundation to campaign against Microsoft

badvista_no_littering.pngIn response to Microsoft’s attack against free software, the FSF has announced on May 16th 2007 the creation of a campaign to fight back by organizing ‘public support into action on software freedom issues’:

The new team will be composed of two campaigns managers and an international group of volunteers, with one position to be filled by current staff member John Sullivan and the other by new appointee Joshua Gay. They will work together on the FSF campaigns and, and launch additional campaigns in the near future. [link]

200,000 malicious programs in existence

These problem programs can arrive via e-mail, instant messenger, through your internet connection or even your web browser if you visit the wrong website. The threats are so numerous and appear so fast that Windows users must feel under siege. [link]

The majority of the attacks are against Windows users. So how do we stay safe while surfing? The BBC offers a few suggestions:

  • Use anti-spyware and anti-virus programs
  • On at least a weekly basis update anti-virus and spyware products
  • Install a firewall and make sure it is switched on
  • Make sure updates to your operating system are installed
  • Take time to educate yourself and family about the risks
  • Monitor your computer and stay alert to threats

Doesn’t exactly say much, but for starters, this is good advice.