e-Learning (2) – WSIS 2011

Speaker: Hans Laugesen, International Secretary and Senior Educational Policy Officer, The Danish National Union of Upper Secondary School Teachers, GL, Denmark

Goals for use of ICT: do we need it as teachers? Yes to train them in new competencies . We want to teach history and maths not just ict. We can teach them to use the technique but it should not be done at cost of time.

Use of ict must not take time away from teaching. Access to ict is limited. Changing curriculum and finding new materials. The way you plan and teach in school .

Key factos for use of ICT when teaching:

  • Available tech in the classroom [many options: pc, projector, wifi, pda, mobile]
  • Technological and pedagogical ict support
  • Curriculum requirements and new exams
  • Politicins should not only focus on results in reading, math and science
  • School management must support an ict strategy
  • If teachers are required to use ict they must be trained to do so. [best Training: give each teacher a pc]

Involving stakeholders in the project. Focused on convincing teachers.

Recommendation to teachers:

  • Be open-minded for pedagogical changes and experimentation with new tools
  • Require necessary time to think and reflect and require a margin for innovation
  • Make the most of blended learning where you mix traditional teaching with ict
  • Add ict-based visual and emotional stimuli to the learning process and be aware to include all students
  • Consider how ict can be used to create contacts
  • Participate in professional development and in teacher networks and follow innovation developments

Rec. to teacher education institutions:

Integrate training , establish partnerships bet teacher education institutions and schools to strengthen pedagogical uses of ict