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In this day and age, privacy has never been more important. There are many privacy tools online from respected organizations, first and foremost among them is EFF – the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I personally use their Privacy Badger , their https Everywhere, and Panopticlick which prevents browser fingerprinting all of which are free. EFF also has Certbot which deploys Let’s Encrypt certificates with easy-to-follow, interactive instructions based on your webserver and operating system. EFF also has a manual for self-defense or SSD [surveillance self-defence] which may be read here and which has tutorials and briefs.

I also use Avast’s VPN which is paid but well worth it, especially if you use your computer in public spaces.

However there are many other privacy tools, eg. which provides knowledge and tools to protect your privacy against global mass surveillance. This page has many of their tools and explanations.

It should be noted that many experts recommend Firefox and Tor browser over Google Chrome.


Also review Panopticlick tool and its guide on browser fingerprinting, written by Bill Hess from PixelPrivacy.  The guide provides more context about why one would want to use a tool like Panopticlick.