Virtual Activism has organized many workshops throughout the world, both online and in-person. Our main focus, however, was the Middle East, and in particular Iraq, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Tunisia. Our online workshops began early on in 2002, and continued for a few years. [Read also the role of Virtual Activism in bring a technology awareness to NGOs in the Middle East]

Workshop topics ranged from security online to how to harness the power of the internet in development and human rights. Topics included:

  • Using social media effectively in campaigns. 
  • Privacy in the Information Age – a 5-day intensive workshop of discussions and activities [online].
  • Use of Free Software in a non-governmental context. [online]
  • Web Design Simplified for non-governmental organizations.
  • Maximizing the Use and Effectiveness of the Internet in Human Rights and Development [Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Kenya].
Marrakesh, Rabat workshop overview
Lebanon Workshops Overview