The State of AI Ethics – report


This report was prepared by the Montreal AI Ethics Institute — an international non-profit research institute helping people understand the societal impacts of AI and equipping
them to take action.

The report brings forward the most important developments that caught the authors’ attention at the Montreal AI Ethics Institute this past quarter. Their goal is to help one navigate this ever-evolving field swiftly and allow one to make informed decisions. This pulse-check for the state of discourse, research, and development is geared
towards researchers and practitioners alike who are making decisions on behalf of their organizations in considering the societal impacts of AI-enabled solutions.

The report covers a wide set of areas, spanning Agency and Responsibility, Security and Risk, Disinformation, Jobs and Labor, the Future of AI Ethics, and more.

The report does not purport to have answers to all problems. It acknowledges that there are many unsolved and open problems that are yet to be addressed but our overwhelming optimism in the
power of what diversity and interdisciplinarity can help to achieve makes one believe that there is indeed room for finding novel solutions to the problems that face the development and deployment of AI systems.

To read the full report click here.