Women Human Rights Defenders network – WHRD on International Women’s Day, 2021


WHRD and its co-sponsors, including Virtual Activism, are pleased to be launching their Campaign to Support WHRDs and Protect Civic Space, on March 8th, 2021. The project is co-sponsored by the following organizations and individuals [and their Twitter handles]:

FemenNet @FemenNet
Reporters without Borders – persian @RSF_persan
Reporters without Borders International @RSF_inter
Virtual Activism @virtualactivism
Women Living Under Muslim Law @WLUML

Please help us by either retweeting and sharing FEMENA’s social media posts, or share the videos directly on your own platforms. 

Please use the following hashtags:
#ProtectCiviCSpace #IWD2021 #March8

The videos will be published as follows:


March 8, 2021

On #IWD2021 Iran must stop persecuting women’s rights activists and drop charges against Najmeh Vahedi, Hoda Amid and Raha AskariZadeh. #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace

On #IWD2021 Iran needs to stop its relentless attack against civil society and women’s rights activists and allow women to hold public gatherings for #March8 #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace


March 9, 2021

On #IWD2021 we call for the end to the killing of women activists and journalists in Afghanistan. This impunity must end and those responsible must be held accountable. 

Process & talks with Taliban have many worried that women’s hard won rights may suffer setbacks in Afghanistan. But Afghan women and rights defenders have repeatedly said their rights are not up for negotiation.

Twitter hashtags: #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace
#AfghanPeace #IWD2021 #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace


March 10th

Egypt’s gov must end systematic harassment, pressures & threats against NGOs. We urge Egyptian authorities to immediately stop targeting WHRDs w/ asset freezes, travel bans, arbitrary detention, & prison sentences. #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace #IWD2021

On #IWD2021 we stand in solidarity with #WHRDs and gender equality activists in Egypt. We honor the Egyptian feminist movement and all that it has achieved in support of women’s rights.

Twitter hashtags: #SupportWHRDs #ProtectCivicSpace #NGOsNotCriminals

مصر: در روز 8 مارس دولت مصر باید به آزار و اذیت، فشارها و تهدیدهای سیستماتیک علیه زنان مدافع حقوق بشر پایان دهد. ما از مقامات مصری می‌خواهیم فوراً اقداماتی مانند مسدود کردن دارایی های آنها، ممنوعیت سفر، بازداشت خودسرانه و مجازات زندان علیه آنان را متوقف کنند.
#ProtectCiviCSpace#IWD2021 #March8#NGOsNotCriminals

 ما در کنار زنان مدافع حقوق بشر و فعالان زن در مصر می ایستیم. ما جنبش فمینیستی مصر و تمامدستاوردهایش را ارج می نهیم 
#ProtectCiviCSpace#IWD2021 #March8#NGOsNotCriminals

مصر: يجب على الحكومة المصرية إنهاء المضايقات والضغوط والتهديدات الممنهجة ضد المنظمات غير الحكومية. أننا نحث السلطات المصرية على التوقف فورًا عن استهداف المدافعات عن حقوق الإنسان, كما نحثهم على التوقف عن تجميد الأصول وحظر السفر والاحتجاز التعسفي وأحكام السجن غير العادلة.
#ProtectCivicSpace # IWD2021