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The 4 tracks in AI for Good – 2019

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Ai for Good logoThe AI for Good Global Summit is the leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on artificial intelligence. This year it took place from May 28-31, 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland and Virtual Activism was in attendance. 

Society is at a critical juncture in examining AI’s impact on humanity. To succeed, the efforts to create ethical AI requires developing a holistic and inclusive perspective to help us make considerate decisions on how we integrate AI solutions in the world.

The meeting was a forward-thinking meeting with insights, stories and perspectives on how we can harness AI’s potential to meet humanity’s greatest challenges.

The AI Summit discussed four main tracks:

  1. Innovative applications of AI in education and youth : AI will introduce changes that will reverberate for generations to come, and we can leverage these technologies to ensure that today’s youth will fully benefit from what AI has to offer. This session discussed perspectives, applications and innovations in AI that empower these goals and help facilitate a deeper, more meaningful engagement for life-long learning. 
  2. Data for Global Good : AI and Data science are unlocking the revolutionary potential in enabling progress towards the SDGs. This session discussed how these technologies will redefine the ways in which we gain and act on insights about the world, each other and ourselves in the near future.
  3. Socially Inclusive AI : Non-inclusive AI can hurt others by perpetuating misconstruction and discrimination at scale. This in turn hinders ability to address real unmet needs. This session discussed the necessary action steps towards developing socially inclusive applications that recognizes digital identity as a human right, promotes gender, age, and racial equity, and is inclusive. AI will have the maximum and real impact in people’s lives when the technology is accurately representative and equitable for all, and allow future generations be ready to participate in the transformations ahead.
  4. AI in explorations and new frontiers : AI has become a game-changing tool for earth stewardship and to understand our planet’s ecosystem. At the same time as we pursue new avenues to explore our humanity and potentials, life on this earth and on other planets, we have begun a journey with unprecedented discoveries that is expanding our minds and aspirations. For the first time this year, this session covered many viewpoints tracing how we explore further with AI.

If you have not attended, you may view the webcast archives here.

The 2020 Summit will take place 4-8 May, 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland.