Technology Trends 2021

Civil society and nonprofit organizations needs to keep a close eye on current and emerging technology trends. This is because technology is changing rapidly and whether we all want it or not, it will change the way we work, think and interact. Technology has its wonders but it also has its areas of concern. At […]

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Emerging Technologies

What’s driving emerging technologies in 2020?

The CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Assn.) Emerging Technology Community set out to provide some perspective on emerging technologies with its third annual top 10 ranking. Apparently, for 2020, the top 10 emerging technologies are: AI (artificial intelligence) 5G, IoT (Internet of Things)serverless computing biometrics AR (augmented reality)/VR (virtual reality)blockchain robotics NLP (natural language processing) Quantum computing.

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digital rights

Access Now’s recommendations to the EU’s human rights agenda for the digital age

Access Now presented the European Human Rights Agenda for the Digital Age, detailing objectives and recommendations in the areas of data protection, content governance, artificial intelligence, surveillance, and connectivity. Access Now is also calling on EU lawmakers to put human rights at the center of upcoming digital policies, making recommendations in the following four main areas: Protect […]

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surveillance camera

AI and human rights

Given the problems that may arise in the implementation of any AI-based technology, it has come to the international community’s attention that this implementation is closely connected to human rights. Implementation of AI without oversight allows for human rights violations, some of which are egregious. “Schools refer to these technologies as ‘student safety’ measures, but […]

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Empathic Technology

IEEE’s ethically aligned design

There have been many organizations recently that have taken upon themselves the task of writing principles for ethically aligned artificial intelligence design. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE] is the most recent, forming a working group on Empathic Technologies, whose members include engineers and organizations as well as academics, policy-makers, and individuals interested […]

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