Participants in the 2002 workshop

Online workshops


Virtual Activism began its online workshops in 2002. The topics of the workshops included Safety and Security Online, and harnessing the power of the internet in human rights and development. Participants from throughout the world joined us. We have also organized a Blugaria-only workshop which was co-trained by Chris Bailey.

We are proud to show what they said about the workshops they attended.

Select participant comments

“[The workshop was] very important. It will impact my work in a big way because as an ICTs/internet promoter/educator the more knowledge I get about the internet’s potential, safe practices, potential risks etc. the more resourceful I become to my clientelle. I am very grateful for the opportunity you gave me to participate in this enterprising course. Dr. Marlyn, thank you very much for your wonderful lectures, notes and guidance through out the workshop. I learnt a lot and had a great time under your instruction. I look forward to more of the kind in future.”

Rehema Beguma, Council for Economic Empowerment for women of Africa – Uganda

“[The workshop] was very important for me. I present lectures in different national and international conferences on culture, humanity and social communication- my leanings from this works made me more confident to work in future. I appreciate this great initiative of Virtual Activism as the more friendly process of “Continuous learning” for the development, human rights activists, academicians and others to update their knowledge. I believe the knowledge shared through this workshop and documents provided by would be used to enhance others knowledge through different workshops, discussion forum, seminar and conferences.”

Prof. Sultan Muhammad Razzak, Ph.D, Forum for Culture and Human Development – Bangladesh

“[The Workshop] will impact my work, first I have a variety of experiences to refer to. I can also find easily what I want on the Internet so it will make my work faster and easier, plus change my attitude. When I look back at all the multiple things we have learnt and all the comments Marlyn gave, I get convince I have learnt a lot, and this leaves me with a good taste of online learning. We need to be technologically advised like it has been for this workshop, thanks for organised such a wonderful learning environment.”

John Lwebuga, Connect-ED/AED -Uganda

“Searching the Internet [was] just right. I always wanted to utilize my time effectively while searching the internet and from the workshop I got the right way of doing it. It was my first experience [online] and not only thinking but, I know it was effective because I have already put in practice what I have got. For instance I taught my colleagues how to develop techniques that ensure protection and privacy on the internet, the effective means of searching the internet, given them tips on netiquettes plus many more and they are happy with it. As part of my job description, I am a trainer of trainer of trainers in ICT. So I needed to know a lot more about the internet not only as communication tool but a lot more which I know I have achieved.

Sophia Masembe, Connect-ED – Uganda

“[The workshop was] very important. My organisation undertook to design an anti-war campaign. The first draft needed some refinement, which I was able to point out because of our module on petitions and campaigns. Thank you very much Dr Tadros for sharing your knowledge and for your patience. In sisterhood and solidarity.”

Jacquie Burgess, Caribbean Association for Feminists Research and Action (CAFRA), Trinidad and Tobogo

“The workshop was very well thought out and excellently designed. The readings were terrific. I learned a great deal from Marlyn’s own articles. I saved many of them for future reference. I am now more convinced of one thing: as activists we need more of exactly what Marlyn is doing. That is, we need tech advisors who can not only advise us of our options but to actually make suggestions as to what we need–and help us do them. It is impossible to be completely self-sufficient! Organizations such as virtualactivism are crucial if activists are to have the time to actually work on their mission instead of gawking at the possibilities of the internet. If I were a funder I would now have a much better idea of how to allocate resources!”

“Modules 4 & 5 have convinced me of the fallacy of an idea with which I started this workshop: that as activists we can be internet self-sufficient. The more I read the more I realize I don’t have the time or the inclination to acquire the technical knowledge to apply myself to all the problems that come up with internet use or the issues involved. The great usefulness of this workshop has been in giving me some of the vocabulary needed to ask for help and to follow important debates. Which brings us back to what I mentioned before: We need people like Marlyn and organizations like VirtualActivism not just for technical assistance but for REPRESENTATION. We need representation for participating in all kinds of decisions and regulations on security, privacy, and participation issues.”

Maryam Pirnazar, Resource Council for Iran – USA/Iran

It took me 4 years to learn everything you’ve put into this workshop!… Job well done and I would highly recommend it to NGOs.

– Barbara Anello DAWN OntarioCanada

Marlyn was great at covering a wide range of ideas and opinions. She gave us the opportunity to learn and seek the information that we were looking for. Overall, I think Marlyn was great- very friendly, helpful and ready to assist all of the participants. Amazing! I’d definitely recommend this workshop to others and will certainly be interested in doing something like this again in the future!

– Liz Mullin. Amnesty International.Germany

Despite all the diplomas we have we all need some kind of different knowledge in order to be better in our activist work.

– Jivka Marinova. Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation. Bulgaria

I would like to thank Marlyn, for the way she induced in me, the desire to learn more and more. Thanks a lot Marlyn. I am going back with a big container of knowledge and I will apply it.

– Sylvie Syiam. PROTEGE QVCameroon

It was my first on-line experience. I consider it a very effective means. It was aided greatly by your faciliation, Marlyn. I feel you were very consistent and closely guided every step, from pre- to during to now. Everything was explained with great clarity and I felt you were accessible should I have questions. I am very grateful for that.

I think it’s really important. Already I have brought more awareness about security (anti-virus issues) to work, also about what to send through e-mail… Also a number of new volunteers are entering international work as part of a netcorps (cyber youth) and these tools regarding e-campaigns and privacy and security in human rights NGOs will enable me to transfer some of that knowledge and/or have more in-depth conversations about how they are engaging technology in their placements overseas. I feel I will be able to help those who may not have thought about security issues for human rights activists on line, take better care to protect those that they are working in alliance with. For that alone, I think this workshop has been really critical.”

Fiona Meyer-Cook. CUSO. PerĂº

My organisation is already benefiting from the training I have received. I am already advising about the internet. The facilitator made the training enjoyable and would make every effort to ensure that every participant was following. This kept me going knowing that some one cared in all this.

– Allen Ssekindi. Uganda Media Women’s Association. Uganda

This workshop has been singularly important in my work as it has offered me tools and imparted skills that I previously did not have, and knowledge in how to go about it with relevant caution. In our part of the world the fear of intelligence agencies is so overwhelming, that even sending an online petition for consumer-protection seems to be ridden with paranoia and fear of persecution. Believe me this is not an exaggeration. When seemingly sweeping laws are in force, and score settling is going on, online petitioning can lead to serious repercussions. Dimple human right issue can result in midnight knocks and visits. I can now help other people design petitions which are carefully worded, keep in mind the privacy issues, the effectiveness and the need for on the ground support and reality testing to make the petitions and the actions effective. It has opened venues of thought, databases, other organizations that are like-minded; and the key concept that virtual activism to be effective and sustainable, must be responsible and effective. This workshop has a had a positive impact on mine and our organizations work already. Thank you Marlyn and VA team.

I am so much more knowledgeable of my ignorance about the great opportunity that virtual activism has to offer. This workshop has enlightened me. It is such a heartening feeling that there are people in the developing world who are willing and committed to sharing the technology and their experiences with those who have not. It has already addressed the digital divide in a positive manner. Bravo and hats off to you guys! Thank you Marlyn for being so positive, patient and caring. You are a good facilitator. I can imagine that a tremendous amount of work and team workmanship has gone into designing and conducting this excellent, interactive and effective workshop. A standing ovation for all your team and everybody at Virtual activism. This comes straight from my heart all of you. Please keep it up, and lets stay in touch and continue working for the betterment of the world peace through humane and effective use of this technology.Thank you.

– Shahnaz Anwar. Association for Social Assistance for Sustainable Advancement (ASASA)Pakistan

“The workshop have been extremely beneficial and resourceful and as to the instructor she is just beyond words. Her organization skills, patience and intelligence are simply beyond the qualification of any adjectives. May God richly bless her with more knowledge, wisdom and understanding and to all the members of virtual activism I humbly say you are great and splendid in supporting Marlyn.”

Kofi Kankam, Elizka Relief International – Ghana

“Enough can’t be said about the content and quality of this workshop and as I mentioned in an earlier posting the time and energy that Marlyn had put into it. Added to this formula is the synergy of the participants (the thought provoking questions and new information … a fresh set of eyes) and I say “A smashing success”. I think it is also important to add that this workshop would not have been the success it has been without the unwavering commitment of Marlyn Tadros. She kept us engaged throughout and ALWAYS responded quickly to any questions or concerns we had. I don’t think a workshop such as this could be effective without a highly committed facilitator such as Marlyn.”

Christina Wanke, Human Rights Internet – Canada

“Thank you so much to our expert leader and to all who contributed so much to making this a lively and interesting workshop. [I].. just wanted to express my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this class and to meet each of you electronically. This information has given me a whole new repertoire and I will be able to use it to help the communities with which I work. Again, thanks to Marlyn for her tireless involvement and facilitation of this workshop.”

Suzanne Jamison, several nonprofits working in culture and agropastoralism – USA

“Needless to say, I completely agree with my colleagues/classmates and have found this workshop to be incredibly informative. The material was well presented and not at all overwhelming, which is often the case when spanning such a large spectrum of subjects in such a limited period of time. BRAVO! I will undoubtedly recommend this course to everyone I know and look forward to receiving information and participating in future trainings.””I completely recommend this workshop to individuals who are interested in using the internet to catalyze change. It provides and strengthens the knowledge base necessary to not only embrace and use the Internet as a means for social development and human rights advocacy, but simultaneously makes one more critical of issues that might otherwise be slighted, not due to lack of interest, but ignorance.”

Angela Jo Medina, – USA

“Thank you for giving me this first ever experience of online training. Marlyn acted as a very supportive facilitator.”

Neela Dabir, Tata Institute Of Social Sciences– India

“[The workshop] has impacted my work. I already was using online courses, electronic discussion lists, mailing lists, websites, etc. But I have a better understanding of the potentials and also the dangers of some of these tools now. I’m motivated to apply some of this now!”

Sundra Flansburg, Gender and Diversities Institute at Education Development Center – USA

“As a learning tool, the workshop highlighted tools of disseminating information on the internet that can be used by any organization. It will impact the way I disseminate information via the internet.”

Sheree Trotman, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Response Agency (CDERA) – Barbados

“[I] want to express my very sincere appreciation of Marlyn’s ‘attitude’ with us who are new to many of the ideas and notions, not to mention the techniques. She has introduced us to a culture, and it was much like a ‘rite of passage’. So, dear fellow “brothers and sisters” in this rite, I wish you all well in the future, and we all know this has increased the quality of what we do, and all without exception are increasing the quality of life for others. Thanks Marlyn, so much.”

Mary Ellen Chatwin, Georgia Community Mobilization Initiative, Tbilisi, Georgia

“The workshop was important to my work in that I have discovered many ways in which the Internet can be made effective other than email to an organisation. And organisations need to make effective use of the Internet. [It].. has actually enhanced my searching for information capabilities. And some of my questions regarding privacy which I have always wondered about have been answered.
The facilitator of the workshop was great and the participants too. I would to thank them and also [Virtual Activism] for giving me this opportunity to participate.”