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It is the race to be first that will kill us

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When I first spoke of AI 6 years ago, everyone said ‘sentient’ is way in the future. Apparently not, and especially not after ChatGPT4. It is becoming more serious and, so far, more disturbing. I am neither an alarmist nor a luddite. However, there are some disturbing issues about it. While doing some more research, I found this video – and it was truly disturbing.

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Here is what Mo Gawdat, an Egyptian and ex-Google officer, said in this excellent interview: “We always said, don’t put them [AI] on the open Internet, don’t teach them to code, and don’t have agents working with them until we know what we’re putting out in the world.” But, as Mo says, “we f$%^d up!” In his explanation, Mo said that companies are just competing for who will bring out the best AI technology, trying to “up” one another in the interest of their own money-making greed, but not in the interest of the common person.