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How Facebook is trying to deal with deepfakes


Ahead of elections in 2020, Facebook is trying to take the lead in trying to deal with deepfake. It is creating its own deepfake in order to help researchers figure out a way to recognize deepfake and remove them.

The most they hope to achieve for now is to catch the majority of deepfake videos and remove them.

What is deepfake?

According to MIT, the term “deepfake” is taken from a Reddit user who released such a tool in 2017. It refers to deep learning, the AI technique employed.

But there is a problem. Deepfakes themselves can be a credible way out for anyone to avoid responsibility. As Knight wrote in the MIT review: “Promoting the deepfake challenge might have unintended consequences, though.  Henry Ajder, an analyst at Deeptrace, a Dutch company that’s working on tools for spotting forged clips, notes that the narrative around deepfakes can offer a way for politicians to dodge accountability, by claiming that real information has been forged (see “Fake America great again”). “The mere idea of deepfakes is already creating a lot of problems,” Ajder says. “It’s a virus in the political sphere that’s infected the minds of politicians and citizens.”

Read MIT’s article here.