Games to play and workshops to attend to understand human rights and emerging technologies

Emerging Technologies Ethics Privacy and Security

Every year, we post about games to play and workshops to attend to understand the intersection between human rights, ethics, and emerging technologies. Here are a few:

1- Workshop: Defending human rights in the age of artificial intelligence: this is a free and open workshop organized by UNESCO and UNITAR. The course break down complex concepts about AI into straight forward activities built around our daily technology interactions. The course focuses on how freedom of expression, right to privacy and the right to equality are impacted using AI. While it is intended for youth ages 16-25, it is suitable for anyone who is curious about AI.

2- Reading: Recommendation on the ethics of artificial intelligence: AI can provide millions of students with support to complete secondary education, fill an additional 3.3 million jobs, and, more urgently, help us tackle the spread and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Along with multiple advantages, these technologies also generate downside risks and challenges, derived from malicious use of technology or deepening inequalities and divides.

3- Experience: Un(re)solved. A PBS experience on racial (in)justice. This is a web interactive experience that is a must see. It is also accompanied by a film that is coming out soon.

4- Play: Go Viral. A game on covid19 misinformation

5- Watch: Naturally Ours. Internationally award winning nature series and documentary, Naturally Ours! Or watch on YouTube.

Stories and storytelling are a powerful way of encouraging people to explore, listen, and discover different perspectives. The documentary web series, Naturally Ours is designed to do just that around nature, the environment, and cultural understanding. Read on for a tease to what to expect from Season 1 of the Series. Take a walk on the wild side, as we rediscover our parks and natural spaces, and the people they inspire! Returning to her storytelling roots as the quirky science loving gal exploring our natural environment, Erica Hargreave reminds us of our connection to the land, water, and sky, as we explore the natural and cultural history of the world around us. As it’s never long before Erica makes friends, she is joined by the scientists, naturalists, historians and artists whose work is inspired by our natural spaces.