The Heat is on: Climate change report 2019


The NDC Global Outlook Report 2019, is out. It is entitled The Heat is On. The report is optimistic in spite of many causes for pessimism.

According to the report,

“At least 112 nations, representing 53 percent of global GHG emissions and including many of the developing countries that are the most vulnerable to climate change, have indicated they intend to revise their plans for fighting global warming in 2020. Within this group, 75
countries, representing 37 percent of global GHG emissions, are leading the way with intentions to enhance ambition
in their next NDCs –either by curbing GHG emissions, or including measures to make societies more resilient to the worsening impacts of climate change, or both. In fact, two countries have already
complied with the deadline (the Marshall Islands and Ecuador).
The countries have highlighted a range of actions to rein in climate change, from adjustments to existing projects and programmes to sweeping plans and policies to phase out net GHG emissions by mid-century.”

Read the full report at their website.