Kenya workshops


Virtual Activism was invited by the Population Council, Nairobi, Kenya, to organize a workshop for local NGOs. The workshop was organized from 11-13 August 04 with 10 NGOs participating and 22 participants. The workshop was based on the curriculum developed by Virtual Activism on Maximizing the use and effectiveness of the Internet in human rights and development. Participants in the end were given certificates of participation.

Participant comments:

– I really enjoyed the workshop. I thought I knew how to use the Internet and was secure behind a firewall. 

— Cosmas

– The workshop met more than my expectations. I thought I knew something on Internet but I realized that I knew so little! Thank you for opening up my horizon.

— Fred

– I am more empowered on using the Internet. More knowledgeable on security on the Net. Very very thankful for the 3 interesting days of the workshop.

— Tijara

– I have enjoyed the whole workshop and am no longer a newbie because i am empowered. Thank you for making me a resource in my organization. The workshop opened my eyes on the Internet.

— Alice

– I now have confidence to effectively make a complete use of the Net without necessarily spending too much money.

— Kibidi

– The workshop was very informative and an eye-opener to many issues.

— Philisters

– This is so encriching and has helped me understand the use of the Internet better. This is something that all users of the Internet should have access to.

— Humphres