internet shutdowns

On internet shutdowns

Governments can use a range of tactics to close their citizens off from internet access. The Guardian, UK, has three great articles on such shutdowns: why and how they are shut down, and how to counter it. How to shut down the Internet and how to fight back. Governments embrace internet shutdowns as a form […]

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DuckDuckGo Logo

DuckDuckGo’s Email Protection Beta Now Open

DuckDuckGo, the search engine company that is concerned with privacy matters, has now opened its beta Email Protection. It is a free email forwarding service that removes multiple types of hidden email trackers and lets you create unlimited unique private email addresses on the fly – without switching email providers or apps. DuckDuckGo will give privacy and […]

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3rd consultation of the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime

VA’s statement to the 3rd session of the Ad Hoc Committee on Cybercrime

The third session of the Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes, began on August 29th and is ending September 9th. There have been multiple non-profit organizations who have had their input as of the 1st session, including VA. With this […]

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Atlas of Surveillance

EFF launches the Atlas of Surveillance

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched an Atlas of Surveillance in the US, documenting police tech in our communities with Open Source Research. The Atlas of Surveillance is a searchable database and map of more than 9,660 police tech purchases nationwide. The Atlas is volunteer-based, and includes categories such as  Automated License Plate Readers   Body-worn […]

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Essam Heggy

عصام حجي يرد بورقة علمية على المشككين في مخاطر سد النهضة على مصر

عصام حجي يرد بورقة علمية على المشككين في مخاطر سد النهضة على مصر نشر عالم الفضاء المصري عصام حجي وفريقه العلمي ورقة علمية جديدة للرد على تعليقات شككت في بحثهم الذي تحدثوا فيه عن العجز المائي في مصر ومخاطر تفاقمه أثناء سنوات ملء سد النهضة الإثيوبي. وفي الرد الجديد الذي نشرته مجلة (Environmental Research Letters) […]

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