Advocacy for Women’s Rights Peace and Security in MENA: Challenges of Shrinking Civic Space – CSW65 NGO Forum

The panel on Advocacy for Women’s Rights Peace and Security in MENA: Challenges of Shrinking Civic Space was organized by FEMENA on March 23rd, 2021. Human rights defenders from Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey, and Iran: Sussan Tahmasebi – FEMENA – DirectorAida Saadat – FEMENA Program ManagerNisan Alıcı – Demos Research Association – Board member & ResearcherNajia […]

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Open Source 101

Open Source 101 – March 30th event

Open Source 101 is a global event organized by the All Things Open team. This is a one-day conference featuring 10, 45 and 90 minute live talks covering the “basics” of open source. While many believe “everyone knows the basics” and can effectively contribute and consume, the organizers say they disagree based on more than […]

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Turkish flag

Right to be forgotten law misused in Turkey

According to the CPJ, “the Turkish law is already being invoked to require news websites to remove articles, according to CPJ interviews. Law No. 7253, which was approved in July and came into effect on October 1, has been popularly described as a social media law. As CPJ noted before it passed, it requires social media companies with over 1 […]

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Libre planet logo

Virtual Libre Planet 2021 starts March 20-21

Libre Planet, the most important free software conference around, starts March 20th. This year, like everything else, it is virtual. Among its many sessions are talks about Technopolice: One year of activism against surveillance technologies; Software Heritage: The great library of source code; Bridging the digital divide in education with free software and hardware; and […]

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Artificial Intelligence

8 AI games to challenge yourself and understand bias, misinformation and others

Several digital rights activists and technologists have created online challenges and activities to allow us to test our biases, our privacy, our prejudices, our security, and our vulnerability to misinformation. Some of the following games have been shown at MozFest. Virtual Activism has chosen this list: 1- Facework: Facework (2020) is a game that imagines […]

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